Automatic Result

Calculate election results automatically and effortlessly and share them with your voters.

ElectionChamp is one of the most advanced online voting systems on the market. We have a lot of great features to make online voting better for both you and your voters. One of the best things about your advanced election system is that it can automatically figure out the results of online voting and email them to the voters.

Results are added up right away, and you can share them with voters automatically, link them to your website, or share them after they have been finalized in any way you want. Combine information about voters with your system for managing members. All while keeping the votes secret and making sure they can be seen.

Automatic Online Voting results

Result Calculation

Our advanced online voting app will calculate the election results as soon as all the voters have voted securely in the online election, the election is over, or you close it early. Once the election is over, you can send the results via email OR share the unique link with your voters in any way you want.

Realtime Result

ElectionChamp is a very advanced voting app that always counts online votes in real-time. As an administrator, you can choose to see the results in real-time if you choose to do so when setting up the election. Voters can only see the election results if you share them with them, either through ElectionChamp or by giving them the link to the results yourself.

Sharing Result

With our online voting app, it’s easy to share the outcome of the election. After the election is over, you can choose to send the results via email. You also get a unique link to the results that you can send to your voters through your own channels, such as a membership letter, an invoice, a letter to shareholders, a letter to your HOA, an online announcement, etc.
Calculate Online Election results automatically

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