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Ensures election integrity, saves time, and improves voter turnout. 
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Key Features

Why run your online election with us?

ElectionChamp’s user-friendly system makes it easy to set up an online election, reach all voters and get more people to vote, calculate and share results automatically, and much more. It also has a powerful audit system with SSL to keep the online election secure, by using a very secure online voting key, and other features that help you run an online election like a champ.

Reach All Voters

Automatically notify voters via Email and SMS notifications, or share voting keys as you like.

Secure Election

We offer most secure online elections with SSL and powerful election auditing system.

Automatic Online Voting results

Auto Results

Calculate and share election results automatically. Supports Plurality, Ranked & Nominations ballots.

Online election app with easy setup

Easy Setup

User friendly system allows you setup your online election easily. Email & call support available.

Online election system that allows you to customize election notification

Custom Notification

Allows you to customize Email & SMS notifications sent to your election voters as you like.

Electronically Vote in an election

Electronic Vote

Vote electronically from your device anywhere in the world. We can also send electronic receipts.

Mobile Voting

Allow your voters to vote from their mobile devices using SMS and/or Email notification.

Free Support

We can help you setup your online election easily with free email support for all elections.

Secure Election

How do we secure your election?

At ElectionChamp, we use the best security technologies and methods available today to make sure that your online election is indeed very safe.

SSL Protected

Secure Connection

The connection between voters and our system is secured by SSL connection, similar to what big banks, e-commerce websites use.

Track ALL Activity

Election Audit

Track and view all the administrator and voter activities from election submission to end for transparent election.

Added Protection (Coming SOON)

2-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication requires voter to enter voter key and secure code sent via SMS or provided by election administrator, to vote.

Election Integrity

One Vote Only

Secure online election system ensures election integrity by allowing only one vote per one voter key and no-one can change voter selection.

Very Secure

Voter Keys

Secure 16 digit voter keys that  is next-to-impossible to hack or guess. Hence, the election results cannot be influenced by guessing key.

Data Security

Secure Storage

Your election and voter data is securely stored on our cloud storage. We use highly secure cloud services similar to big banks or e-commerce websites.

Election Type

Supports multiple election types

Run election for candidate elections, board positions, bylaw amendments, budget approvals, member polls, motions etc.

Run share holder voting, condominium voting, or any other weighted voting with ElectionChamp.

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Multiple Election Methods in Online Election

Multi-Organization support

Use ElectionChamp to run election for your organization. Our system is capable of running election for major organizations:

Election Setup Process

Easily setup your online election

You can set up up your online election in six easy steps that make sure you've filled in all the details and configured the election settings correctly. Need help setting things up?
We offer free support via email.

Enter your election details like Name, Org name, Start date time, etc.


Select election security, notifications, results, voter list etc. settings.


The main step, setup, configure and preview your election ballot.


Now it's time to import or upload your election voter list.


Review & customize your election's email and/or sms notifications.


You did it!
Review and submit your election!


Need help with your election?
Let us manage it for you!

Election Tips & Support Resources

Helping you run secure election!

Why you should run an online election?
Online Election

Why you should run an online election?

Running an election can be a big job, depending on how many voters there are, where they live, how many ballots and positions there are,