When compared to other online voting apps, ElectionChamp is both the simplest to use and the most cost-effective due to its straightforward pricing structure.


Self-Managed Election

ElectionChamp has very user friendly pricing system that allows you run secure online election in most affordable way.
Enjoy all the features we offer no matter how big or small your election is, no premium fees for premium features!
Did we mention about free online email support with all elections?

Upto 20 Voters

per election
  • Email Notifications
  • SMS Notifications
  • Custom Notifications
  • Secure Election
  • Mobile Voting
  • Election Auditing
  • Easy Setup
  • Free Email Support

Upto 200 Voters

$ 10 
per election with
upto 200 voters
  • Email Notification
  • SMS Notification
  • Custom Notification
  • Secure Election
  • Mobile Voting
  • Election Auditing
  • Easy Setup
  • Free Email Support

Additional Voters

Election Cost
after 200 voters
per voter
after 200
  • All Features Included
Managed Elections

Want us to manage your election?

Not all our clients have same requirements for their election, we know that. Not every client is comfortable running an online election on their own. If you are one of those, then we have a Dedicated Team to setup, manage, and monitor election on your behalf.

Happy customers. Happy team

You can count on us

Our support team is waiting for your email, and ready to support you as soon as possible. We strive to offer your great experience running an online election using the most secure online election systems available in the market today.

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