Secure Connection

Voters access online election ballots via Secure SSL Connection, which makes online voting secure.

ElectionChamp uses 256-bit SSL technology to encrypt the connection between its users and the servers where all the election data are stored.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates have been around for more than 20 years and can be used. Having an SSL makes sure that sensitive information about your election’s online voting will be sent over a safe network. 256-bit encryption is the same as the critical security standards for banking and e-commerce. This means that no one can change or manipulate the data that the end-user sends and updates.

It is very important that your election company use SSL certificate to offer secure election system to make sure your voters can vote online safely. We use SSL certificates because of the following:

Secure Connection in Online Election

Increasing election security

First and foremost, SSL certificates will protect the sensitive information that your voters send to our online voting software. This information could be what they choose on their online ballot, their comments or any other personal information. SSL certificates will encrypt the connection and help keep attackers from using your online voting information against you or affecting your online election’s integrity.

Credibility and trust for your voters and organization

An important benefit of SSL certificates is that they will help your voters and organization trust your online voting and election company, ElectionChamp. Your online ballot for an election will be shown with a security padlock in the browser’s address bar. This will show your voter that the connection is safe and that you and the online voting tool care about their privacy. Some voters may say that your voting system is “not safe” if it doesn’t have a certificate.

SSL helps with meeting regulations

To meet Payments Card Industry (PCI) compliance standards, an online business must have at least a 128-bit SSL certificate with proper encryption. The PCI standards also say that the SSL certificate must come from a source that can be trusted. According to their rules, a website must have the right level of encryption to be able to accept credit card payments or handle sensitive business like an online voting system. These rules also say that the website must have a private connection on any page where customers have to enter personal or sensitive information, such as on an online ballot.

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