Election Integrity

Online Election Application that maintains election integrity.

It is very important for the election committee or election administrator, whether they run an election in person or online, to keep and protect the integrity of the election. If they don’t keep the election honest, like by letting people vote more than once and keeping people who aren’t supposed to vote from doing so, then the election as a whole will fail.

If your voters find out that the integrity of the election isn’t protected and can be compromised, they won’t trust you and the election results. So, it is very important for the election committee and/or the person in charge of the election to do everything they can to protect the integrity of the election.

Since ElectionChamp is one of the most advanced online election applications, that you can use to run elections, referendums, secure polls, etc., we take election integrity very seriously and do everything we can to keep it so that all the online elections we host on our secure online election tool reach their goals.

Online Election Integrity

One Vote Per Voter

ElectionChamp is designed to make sure that the election is fair and that each voter can only cast ONE vote per voting key. This means that a voter with ONE voting key can only vote once. Once a voter submits their vote, they can’t look at it again, change it, delete it, or submit it again. ElectionChamp will only let a voter use their voting key once, and if they try to vote again, they will get an error message. After all, we all know what happens when a voter gets to vote more than once.

Please note that if you use weighted voting, a voter can only use ONE KEY to vote once, but depending on how many votes they have, they may have MORE VOTES IN TOTAL. For example, a person who owns 100 shares gets ONE voting key that is worth 100 votes. This means that if he or she votes with the voting key, our system will count it as 100 votes because of how much weight it has.

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